Luxury House and Land Package Trinity Point Lake Macquarie
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‘Early concept artists impression of the trinity point redevelopment’

An updated proposal for Trinity Point Redevelopment

An update of the currently approved Trinity Point development is being planned. As an important part of this, you are invited to consider the proposal. All issues raised by the community need to be carefully considered as part the site’s design and assessment.

What is proposed?

The Trinity Point tourism precinct is planned to include a luxury hotel, including restaurants and a function centre, gym, wellness centre including day spa, business centre, small convenience store and pool. We are still working on the detail, which is being analyzed by specialist consultants and will be confirmed in the Environmental Impact Statement, but at this stage approximately 220 residential apartments are proposed. This is an additional 61 apartments over the number of apartments already approved for Trinity Point.

Johnson Property Group is committed to delivering an environmentally-leading tourism destination for the Lake Macquarie region, that will showcase the area’s greatest quality – Lake Macquarie. This waterfront space continues to be planned as an important community asset. There will be a range of community benefits including upgrades of open space for community use; art; recognition of Aboriginal culture and heritage and more.

The project is designed to be sustainable, carbon neutral and energy efficient. The green roofs are covered with plants for heat island effect mitigation and layers of solar panels to generate the buildings’ energy needs.

Investment is valued at over $720 million and would create hundreds of new direct and indirect jobs through construction and then to operate the hotel and restaurant.

Trinity Point Redevelopment

(Artist’s Impression)

Luxury House and Land Package Trinity Point Lake Macquarie
Luxury House and Land Package Trinity Point Lake Macquarie
Luxury House and Land Package Trinity Point Lake Macquarie
Luxury House and Land Package Trinity Point Lake Macquarie

Johnson Property Group is preparing the application. A team of specialist consultants are engaged, including traffic planners, visual assessors, heritage and social/economic, among many others. Established in 1998, Johnson Property Group is one of the largest privately-owned developers of residential land in New South Wales.

What approvals are required?  

This is a concept application that examines the proposals for the whole site. Subsequently, applications will be required for each stage of delivery.

The project would be considered by both the State Government and Local Government – both have a role in the planning process. The State Government has issued its requirements for this assessment – located here. Lake Macquarie Council will consider their requirements over the next few months.

State Significant Development Planning Process

On 24 September 2021, the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment issued the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements for the Trinity Point State Significant Development. They are abbreviated as ‘SEARs’ and they provide direction on a range of studies including: 
The form of buildings
Their design and how to assess this 
The need to consider public space and landscaping choices
The visual impact for the community
Residential amenity
Social impacts
Transport and accessibility
Impacts on biodiversity
Stormwater and drainage considerations
Noise and vibration impacts
Heritage considerations. 

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Local Council Planning Process

How does Johnson Property Group consider community input?

We encourage everyone to express their feedback on the proposal, positive or negative. The issues are important to be addressed. This feedback will be considered by the project specialists and included in the Environmental Impact Statement, shown in the diagram above.
Further, the EIS will then be exhibited for further community submissions, which will again need to be addressed by the project team and will be considered by both State and Local Governments as part of their assessment processes.

How can I have my say? 

We are available to answer any questions or concerns by contacting us on 1300 888 888 or email us HERE.

Trinity Point Redevelopment

Project at a glance

Community engagement

Johnson Property Group is consulting the community to seek your feedback on the proposal.

Upcoming community consultation includes an information day on site where everyone is be invited to participate in the conversation. Dates will soon be released.

Employment opportunities

The hotel would create more than 400 jobs through construction and 200 to service the hotel and restaurant.

The architect

Leaders in conscious architecture, Australian firm Koichi Takada Architects, have taken inspiration from nature for the design. The design aims to ‘naturalise’ architecture in the urban environment, working in harmony with nature to improve our planet.

Other Koichi Takada designed developments include Urban Forest in Brisbane and Sunflower House in Italy.

A sustainable development

The world has targets to become carbon neutral, and the Trinity Point proposal is designed to be a transformative project – achieving carbon neutrality to support NSW State targets.

Carbon neutral architecture means causing no harm to the environment and conserving resources while offering lower bills and running costs for users, future-proofing assets for owners and developers, and most importantly creating healthier places to live, work and play.

Public benefits 

The site would provide a range of public benefits including: 

  • The addition of a lake-based tourist site for visitors to enjoy Lake Macquarie
  • The creation of jobs, both directly on site to staff the restaurant and hotel, and to build the redevelopment
  • Facilities on site for the community such as the restaurant which provides takeaways as well
  • The marina provides access to all boat users
  •  Ongoing maintenance of the public reserve and Ongoing protection of foreshore

  • Community seating in public spaces on the Point
  • Meeting rooms for the community to hire
  • A day spa for anyone to book
  • The restoration of Bluff Point
  • Johnson Property Group has long been enthusiastic about working with Council to restore the sea baths. This discussion continues.
  • Contributions through Council towards local public transport facilities, open space and recreation facilities and contributions towards further upgrades of the intersection of Fishery Point Road and Macquarie Street

Have your say

We are available to answer any questions or concerns by contacting us on 1300 888 888 or email us HERE.