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Stage 2 Marina Berths

Community engagement

188-berths have been approved by the State Government for Trinity Point, to be constructed across a minimum of two stages. The construction of Stage 1 of Trinity Point marina was completed in early 2019 and the marina started operating in April 2019. The marina currently consists of 94 berths, a wave attenuator, fuel jetty, and associated marina building (including marina amenity facilities) and landscaping.

What is the 2021 proposal? 

Stage 2 of the marina includes a proposal to:

  • Extend the marina by an additional 94 berths, to achieve the total concept approved 188 berth capacity
  • Extend the wave attenuator
  • Re-orient the fuel jetty
  • Establish a marina office
  • Retrofit the existing land based temporary office to provide further amenity facilities for marina users.

Who is proposing the development? 

Johnson Property Group is preparing the application.

What is the relation to the Trinity Point redevelopment proposal? 

Johnson Property Group proposes to deliver the Marina Stage 2 infrastructure prior to or at the same time as the Trinity Point redevelopment. They are however independent proposals – they are being documented and will be assessed separately. 

  • The Trinity Point redevelopment would provide land-based facilities
  • The Stage 2 marina would be approved and operate independently of the Trinity Point redevelopment.
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What approvals are required? 

Stage 2 of the Trinity Point Marina is currently being planned. It will be assessed by Lake Macquarie Council and determined by the Hunter and Central Coast Regional Planning Panel.

As the Stage 2 Marina proposes more than 80 berths, planning legislation requires that the project is a Designated Development (Clause 23 of Schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000), which means that the Regional Planning Panel is the determining authority.

The local government  planning process is shown in the image here. 

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Application submitted

The application has been submitted to Lake Macquarie Council and listed as DA/226/2022

It can be found on the Lake Macquarie website searching for application number: DA/226/2022 at this LINK.

This has been advertised by Council and the full submission is available online

Submissions are to be received by 31 3 2022.