Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How many buildings and storeys are proposed at Trinity Point?

The Trinity Point redevelopment concept has 6 buildings. Each is planned to be up to 8 stories. However, each building has sloping hill-shaped roofs and are 8 storeys at the centre point of the building. 


  1. How is the Trinity Point redevelopment proposal related to the stage 2 marina berths proposal?
  • The proposal is to deliver the Marina Stage 2 infrastructure prior to or at the same time as the Trinity Point Redevelopment. They are however independent proposals. The Trinity Point redevelopment would provide land-based facilities (e.g., carparking, amenities, etc). 
  • The Stage 2 marina would be approved and operate independently of the Trinity Point redevelopment 
  • Each is being documented and assessed separately.
  • Stage 2 marina Environmental Impact Statement will be submitted to Lake Macquarie City Council for assessment; to be determined by the Hunter and Central Coast Regional Planning Panel.


  1. When can I buy a residential apartment?

Please contact our sales office on 1300 888 888.


  1. Will the foreshore be accessible to the community?

Yes, the foreshore will remain accessible to the public, as it is currently. More broadly, the proposal will include key linkages and connections through the site to be available to the community to connect with the publicly owned foreshore.


  1. Is the helicopter still going to operate?

Yes. There are no changes proposed to the existing approved activities of the helicopter landing site, including no changes to approved flight paths being only over the water, time of operations, number of movements a week or helicopter type.


  1. Will there be space for the community to have picnics on the foreshore?

The foreshore is owned and managed by Council and the Council adopted Plan of Management identifies three locations around the foreshore for park activities, being adjoining the marina, at Bluff Point and near the sea baths.  The proposal will complement and facilitate these opportunities and activities, and provide good connections using pathways.


  1. What will be the proposed increase in population from the redevelopment?

The proposal is for approximately 220 residential apartments (157 are already approved). In Morisset Park there is currently a community of approximately 740 people (2016 ABS). The proposal is for an additional 61 apartments, possibly in the range of 60 to 200 people additional people at the site. This depends on if everyone lives there all the time.


  1. What will be the changes in local demographics resulting from the new community at Trinity Point?

The proposal is for approximately 220 residential apartments (157 are already approved). In Morisset Park there are approximately 290 residences currently (2016 ABS). The proposal is for an additional 61 apartments, possibly in the range of 60 to 200 people additional people at the site. We don’t yet know the make-up of these new community members. The social impact assessment studies will consider this issue.


  1. Is the proposal to rezone the land to residential from a current tourist zone?

No. The site currently has a tourism zoning on it and this remains. However, the existing Local Environment Plan permits residential uses as well as tourism uses.



  1. How will the development affect the traffic in the area?

A traffic and transport consultant will:

  • Examine existing traffic volumes
  • Consider the traffic and parking needs that would be generated by the proposal
  • Consider the impact of that traffic on local streets and roads including Trinity Point Drive, Morisset Park Road, Fishery Point Road and on the state road network.

This will ensure there is a clear understanding of the potential traffic, transport and parking impacts. This report will be submitted as part of the Environmental Impact Statement and be available to everyone. 


  1. What will be the traffic impact of intermittent travel for conference and events?

The hotel will have conference or function facilities for up to 500 people. The traffic studies will include the volume of traffic that is possible from the:

  • restaurant
  • hotel
  • function facilities.

This traffic will be considered for the impacts to the local road network.


  1. Will the local infrastructure be able to handle an increase in population from the proposal?

157 residences are currently in the approved concept plan with 61 additional residences proposed by the updated proposal. Social impact assessments will identify the capacity of local infrastructure to accommodate the population and identify any recommendations. If approved, Lake Macquarie Council will require monetary contributions from JPG to support upgrades to local infrastructure consistent with their adopted plans.



  1. How did you choose the design of the building?

An Australian firm called Koichi Takada Architects, was chosen to develop the site concepts. One of the site design objectives is to achieve an iconic style destination. They have taken inspiration from nature for the site design. The design aims to ‘naturalise’ the architecture with its curving roofline and sustainable features.


  1. How are the buildings planning to be sustainable?

The project is designed to be sustainable, aiming to be carbon neutral and with high energy efficiency. The green roofs are covered with plants to remove the heat island effect. Layers of solar panels would generate the buildings’ energy needs. All elements of the proposal will be reviewed to incorporate meaningful and effective contributions to sustainability outcomes, including on site water management.



  1. How many jobs would be created from the proposal?

The Trinity Point Redevelopment would create more than 400 jobs through construction and 200 to then operate the hotel and restaurant. Other jobs would be at the day spa and gym. The Marina at Trinity Point also employs up to 5 staff.   


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